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The Science of Application

The Story

  • The Invention
    Padtech AS is a company that is driven by innovation. Our story began when an inventor and his wife were sitting on the beach. After applying sunscreen, they became annoyed that the sunscreen on their fingers caused the sand to stick to their skin. The inventor’s wife challenged her husband to put his skills to work and solve this problem. This idea was the initial spark for the Padtech applicator and formation of our company.
  • Transforming an Industry
    Kate Somerville is a visionary in the beauty industry. Her spa in West Hollywood caters to celebrities and the beauty conscious. When Kate Somerville teamed up with Padtech to create her “Clinic-to-go” resurfacing peel pads, it helped to transform the beauty industry by combining the benefits of a full clinic treatment with on the go convenience. The concept received the 2011 award from and the NJ Packaging Executive’s, Package of the Year Award.
  • Bringing Compliance to a New Level
    Over the years many health care professionals have been asked to do more with less. Applications of dermatological treatments can be time consuming, labor intensive and sometimes damage the skin of the care giver. Through Padtech’s patented application technology, dermatological treatments can be applied with precision and efficiency, while protecting the care givers skin from direct exposure.
  • Customer and Innovation Driven
    At Padtech we have a passion for innovation and are always interested in listening to the stories from our customers and learning more about potential uses for our products.

    Please send us your stories and suggestions. We would like to hear from you.